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Let’s Get Scrappy – Let’s play in the scrap box

As quilters we all have them, some more than others – lots and lots of fabric scraps. If we are new quilters we may not have as much, but don’t let that stop you from making a beautiful scrappy quilt. There are all kinds of way to build your scrap stash. So Let’s Get Scrappy and let me show you a great way to use up those beautiful scraps.

Pawing Around with BOB – September Island Batik Challenge

As a child I have fond memories of playing around with blocks. It was so fun to take these simple shapes and create all kinds of structures and unique designs. This month’s Island Batik Challenge we were to let the child inside come out and play again. The Child’s Play Challenge brought back this wonderful memories. My challenge was to use the AccuQuilt Bear Paw BOB (Block on Board) and create a fun quilt for a child. I did some “pawing” around with the shapes on the AccuQuilt Bear Paw BOB and design a modern, graphic, design. Meet “Pawing Around”.

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