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Design with Purpose 

Duration: 1 hour trunk show presentation

In this lecture I will share with you quilts which use the principles and elements of design.  I will explain how I incorporated the use of line, pattern, value, hue, repetition, and other design elements in an entertaining, inspiring, and enlightening trunk show.   

The Mechanics of making a Group quilt  

Duration: 1  hour trunk show presentation

I will share my personal journey of making an award winning group quilt. In my presentation I show the strategies and guidelines a group needs to have in place for making a group contest quilt.  The program is full of tips, incite, and valuable information. I will bring two award winning group quilts that will entertain and inspire.  At the end of the presentation you will be inspired to gather up a group of friends and create something beautiful together.  You will be ready to create memories that will last for a lifetime.

Have Fun – Make Quilts – Share 

Duration: 1  hour trunk show presentation

Let me be your guide on a walk through my personal journey of quilt making. In my presentation I reflect on how I find inspiration to create, to express, and to mark milestones in my life. The program is full of personal stories many quilters can relate to. I bring along a collection of quilts that will entertain and inspire your members. I hope to inspire you with many reasons to continue to create and enjoy quilting even more than you do now.




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