Xanadu – My newest art quilt

I made this quilt for the Ricky Tims “Rise Up” Challenge. The challenge was to express our perseverance, determination, tenacity, and fortitude during the Covid-19 pandemic. A number of beautiful art quilts were submitted for the challenge. All of the entrants personal stories and quilts are available to see on Ricky Tims’s website. Social Bubbles by Denise DeGrandis, Thornberry, Ontario, Canada was the grand prize winner of Ricky’s “Let Freedom Ring” quilt. Congratulations Denise!!!!

Xanadu was my entry. My story about the quilt is below. It was named Xanadu because of where I like to go to relieve stress. My sewing studio is a place I go to for contentment. I believe as artists we all have that “Happy Place” we like to go to create.

This is the beautiful sunrise which inspired the quilt. The sun was just coming up and the colors in the sky were amazing. The picture does not do justice to how beautiful the sky was.

The quilt is made with hand dyed “Blendables” from Ricky Tims, Inc. I used Wildberry Truffle, Sea Breezes, Summer Sizzle, Maui Wowie, Candy Carousel, Evergreens and Oaks, Prairie Fire, and Merlin’s Magic.

Xanadu – 45″ x 60″

My story of what inspired Xanadu

These last 10 months there have been lots of ups and downs, good days and bad. Being a business owner there have been some very uncertain, stressful moments. Making business altering changes to protect our staff and clients. Calming fears and trying our best to keep everyone safe from contacting the virus. Working through dealing with supply shortages of paper towels, cleaners, masks, hand sanitizers, spending hours trying to find suppliers to send us these needed items. Days were long and stressful. At the end of the day I would go to my studio to unwind and just relieve the stresses of the day. Xanadu was made to symbolize the emotions during this pandemic. I named it Xanadu because this is my “place” where I go to find peace and contentment. I was sitting on the couch early one morning working on my computer and looked up as the sun was rising. This beautiful, colorful sunrise was being painted across the morning sky. At that moment it hit me what to create for this Rise Up Challenge.  

It was quilted with Superior variegated “Rainbows” 40wt. trilobal polyester thread with a wavy vertical quilting design. This quilt will hang in our business to hopefully remind all who look at it to find beauty and brightness in each and every day.  

I hope everyone is doing the best they can during this Covid-19 pandemic. We know this will not last forever and I hope and pray all of you will find brighter, happier times ahead.

Happy Quilting and Blessing to all!


  1. It’s beautiful.

  2. Beautiful, Carol. It has been a long year and we all need some brightness like this.

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