Christmas In July with AccuQuilt GO! Me and Island Batik.

This month, all the Island Batik Ambassadors were given an AccuQuilt GO! Me Fabric Cutter Starter Set. This was a wonderful opportunity to encourage and inspire a new quilter. I selected a young girl from our community to work with for the month of July. Meet Avery! We enjoyed a creative adventure and below is the finished project we worked on together.

Our adventure began with meeting at Little House Quilting in our small town of Greene, IA. It was fun watching her open her new GO! Me Fabric Cutter Starter Set. She was so thrilled and could not wait to get started.

After unboxing her new quilting tool we went to work deciding on what project she wanted to make and the fabrics she wanted to use. Avery selected the Card Trick wall hanging project from the idea book which came with the starter set.

The fabrics selected are from the Island Batik Steam Engine Collection. A beautiful collection of purples, grays and blues.

She could not wait to share her new quilting tool with her grandmother. We went to her grandmother’s house and began our quilting project.

Avery was amazed with how wonderful it was to use the GO! Me to cut the squares and triangles for her project. We spent a wonderful afternoon together sewing and making the first block for her project.

Avery was so excited to share her first block with her family. Over the next two weeks she completed the remaining blocks for the wall hanging.

Avery loved her new GO! Me so much she presented a demonstration to her 4-H group. She shared with her fellow 4-Hers how to use the cutting system and talked about the quilt top she was creating.

After we completed the quilt top, Avery and I worked on quilting her quilt. I worked with her on loading the quilt, and working on quilting the quilt using my Gammill Statler.

It was a delightful afternoon. We finished the quilting of Avery’s Card Trick quilt.

I then finished the quilt by adding the binding for her. The finished quilt measures 27″ x 27″. Avery did a beautiful job. We have created a wonderful quilting friendship. The GO! Me Starter Cutting System makes a perfect gift for a new, aspiring quilter. We plan to enjoy more creative quilting time together in the years ahead.

Happy Quilting!


  1. What a beautiful story! Avery’s quilt looks lovely, and I like how she shared her experience at her 4h meeting. Quilting for the next generation!

  2. Wonderful story, and so glad she’s inspiring others already, too. Great job, Avery, and Carol.

  3. I love that you created your project together! What a great start to quilting for Avery!

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